Plans to declutter Gosport High Street are put on show

EARLY plans to declutter Gosport's High Street and boost trade in the town have been released to the public.

The £130,000 scheme, designed by architects from the University of Portsmouth, will see unused bike bollards and benches that don’t match removed in a bid to make the street clearer.

Gosport's council has put the not-yet-finalised designs out for consultation.

Martin Andrews is the university's architecture Project Office coordinator.

He said: "If you take a wander down the high street you'll see there's five different types of seating style, three different types of bin, and bike bollards absolutely everywhere that aren't used.

You can take away a lot of the redundant items, you can group the bike stands together and come up with a colour palette down the street on the metal goods.

It becomes much clearer, much more structured."

It comes as a separate project run by Hampshire County Council will see wayfinding totems – a signage system – installed in the town centre in January.

The £130,000 funding has come from the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire.

Under the plans, the two ‘gates’ near the Conservative Club could be moved to either end of High Street.

And the street will get greener, with new planting at the east and west ends.

Architects’ sketches show plans to move the town’s market stalls closer together, outside the town hall, with room to expand toward the ferry terminal.