Museum Display will highlight First World War artists

Touring Exhibition will stop off in Gosport to mark centenary. In a year when the country reflects on events of the First World War, a museum in Gosport will highlight the work of the artists who recorded battles.

More than 60 works of art will be on display at the Gosport Gallery in Walpole Road - many of which have been loaned by the UK's leading museums and art galleries, including the Imperial War Museum, the Royal Academy, Arts Council England, and the British Council Collection.

The Touring display examines the work of the Artists Rifles Regiment.

It will provide a comprehensive look at the artists, the art they produced and the Regiment itself.

The exhibition will also feature objects loaned by the regiment, such as uniforms, medals and other memorabilia.

The Artists Rifles Regiment was created in 1860 and its founding members represent a 'who's who' of the Victorian art world.

The Artists Rifles Regiment went on to play a key role during the First World War when it became an officer training corps. The poets Wilfred Owen and Edward Thomasm and artists Paul and John Nash were all members of the regiment during the war.

The exhibition will focus on a wide range of the regiment's work before, during and after the First World War. This will include paintings, sculptures, postcards and cartoons, as well as readings from some poems and letters in a special spoken word film commission.

The exhibition will be held at the Gosport Gallery from October 4th to December 27th.